Our Story

Swell began with a bang: a devastating weightlifting accident that sent me into a hospital bed and months of painful rehab.

But what started as a life-altering injury transformed into a revelation. Inspired by the patients I met during my recovery – many with grave conditions who were forced to eat joyless food to meet dietary restrictions – I set out to create the ultimate nutritionally-balanced treat. I was determined to create nutrition-packed food that everyone could – and would want – to eat.

Swell is a revolutionary high-protein blend that combines delicious taste, powerful nutrition, clean ingredients, and a touch of delight. It’s food with purpose… for Weekend Warriors, busy parents, healthful yogis, and  picky kids. It’s also for the doctors, nutritionists, and patients I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along my journey.  It’s for anyone with optimism and determination – with a desire to dig into life and do more every day.

Swell is for you!

Swell Founder
Santa Barbara, CA

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