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Protein is a “macronutrient” and helps build and maintain healthy muscles, skin, and even hair. Protein keeps you feeling full. As a “lean” protein, whey is a nutritionally complete, high-quality protein.

The glycemic index considers “low” glycemic foods as those that don’t cause spikes in normal blood sugar levels. That’s good, because excess sugar in our diets can contribute to long term illnesses. We have our products tested by GI Labs to verify Swell Ice Creams are low glycemic.

Yes; all of our ingredients are Non-GMO. We are not certified, but follow stringent sourcing practices to make sure all of our suppliers deliver Non-GMO ingredients.

We’re able to keep the overall fat content down which helps keeps the total calorie count down. Depending on the flavor, we use low fat or whole milk in our ice creams. As part of a healthy diet and in moderation, some fat can help keep hunger at bay.

Swell Ice Creams are certified gluten free, which means all of our ingredients are free from gluten, and verified by Gluten Free Intolerance Group of North America. Gluten is a natural part of cereal grains such as wheat, rye, and barley that can cause digestive issues with certain people.

You won’t find soy in Swell Ice Creams. We know some people prefer to avoid it and others are allergic to it, so we exclude this from being inside Swell Ice Cream. Soy is a plant food from the legume family.

The milk we use from cows is free of any genetically engineered hormones. This means the cows aren’t given artificial hormones. This type of milk is already banned in Canada and Europe. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows.

Fiber is the non-digestible parts of plant foods that keep our digestive system functioning. As part of a healthy diet, fiber can help maintain a healthy weight and healthy digestion.

Sodium is a naturally occurring mineral and electrolyte. It is typically abundant in the average American diet – so much that the government advises consumers reduce sodium in their diets. Swell Ice Creams are low in sodium.

Prebiotics are the fuel for the naturally occurring probiotics (“good” bacteria) in our gut. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that act as food for probiotics. We use inulin, which comes from the chicory plant.

We support those who choose a Kosher diet and lifestyle. Swell Ice Cream is a great Kosher treat. Mazel!

No. Like chocolate, pets cannot process Xylitol like humans.


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