POPSUGAR. Editors Can’t Get Enough ProYo Ice Cream

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After seeing the team at POPSUGAR. test out a variety of better-for-you ice cream and frozen treat options earlier this summer, including the likes of Halo Top, Yasso, Forte Gelato and Enlightened, we couldn’t help ourselves but to challenge their editorial team to give our ProYo Low Fat Ice Creams a try.

The results are in, and the POPSUGAR. team gave ProYo rave reviews, even sharing in their headline, “You Guys, We May Have Found a Healthy Ice Cream That Is Better Than Halo Top.”

Some of our favorite comments from the flavor-by-flavor review, include:

  • “Shockingly good!”
  • “Perfect Sweetness Level”
  • “Dutch AF”
  • “Delicious Creamy Coconut Flavor. Yum!”
  • “If you mix the Coconut and the Mocha, it tastes like a cold Almond Joy bar (in a good way, of course)”

If you’re like the POPSUGAR. team and can’t wait to get ProYo in your freezer, be sure to check our Store Finder or visit the Healthy Goodness website and order your ProYo from the convenience of your couch. Go on, we dare you!