ProYo Supports the Military Muscle Foundation

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At ProYo, we believe in making a difference and in finding ways to help people conquer tough situations, small to large, ranging from a prenatal mom battling morning sickness, to an athlete competing in Special Olympics. We are most proud when we know we’ve made a difference in someone’s day by helping them tackle a challenge.

One way we have chosen to give back is to our U.S. men and women in service. You may recall back in May we gave back to our firefighters on International Firefighter’s Day. Today, we’re honored to share that we’ve partnered with the Military Muscle Foundation for a 54-base tour across the U.S. focused on combatting veteran and current military suicide and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The statistics for military suicide are alarming. Everyday, 22+ veterans and one active duty service member takes their own life, totaling nearly 8,000 a year. Additionally, 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have PTSD and/or depression. When we learned that the Military Muscle Foundation had created a unique way to improving and saving the lives of our veterans and active duty service members, we couldn’t help but get involved.

The Military Muscle Foundation was founded on the idea of using fitness events as a platform to provide rehabilitation of mind, body and soul. Through the Military Muscle Foundation Veteran Suicide & PTSD Awareness  Tour, the Military Muscle team is facilitating access to resources, peer support and recovery through fitness-based activities.  At these events, participants get to meet, interact with speakers and be encouraged by the Military Muscle Pro Team and their other on-base fitness and support team members.

We’re proud to be supporting the “Military Muscle Foundation Veteran Suicide & PTSD Awareness  Tour” by providing ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurts as a recovery snack that properly refuels the body with high levels of protein, probiotics and fiber without a bunch of gunk.

Our team absolutely agrees in the importance balance of mind, body and spirit have in wellness, and we hope our involvement in the Military Muscle Foundation Veteran Suicide & PTSD Awareness Tour can make a difference for our amazing men and women in service.

Keep an eye out on the Military Muscle Instagram for updates on the tour and to learn about ProYo giveaways for our men and women in service. You can also follow the Military Muscle Foundation Instagram for inspiring stories, tips and event details.

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