Welcome to Nathan’s Corner


It’s true ProYo began with a bang. I had a revelation to create a high-protein frozen yogurt that combines delicious taste, powerful nutrition and clean ingredients during my many months of painful rehab following a devastating weightlifting accident. But what also made it possible was an openness to learn from others who know more than I do, my innate belief in challenging the status quo, and a passion for giving back.

As ProYo continues to grow, it’s important to me to share my experiences in the hopes that they can help others follow their dreams when an opportunity presents itself, perhaps even in an unexpected way like it did for me. While I certainly am not an expert at all things, I’m excited to share how I approach product innovation, growing a better-for-you food company and the importance of finding ways to support your community in the hopes that my experiences will help inspire others on their own journey.

Here’s a little bit more about what you can expect in Nathan’s Corner…

  • Lessons learned – From my high school economics teacher, to fellow students and business mentors, I’m thankful to those who shared their successes and failures with me because it gave me the courage and inspiration to create ProYo. I’m hoping by sharing some of my own experiences here that the next generation of entrepreneurs can find ways to realize their own vision.
  • Innovation through challenging the status quo – I’m a big believer in continual evolution, not taking no for an answer and to finding inspiration in surprising places. When I first developed ProYo, that meant I did things like challenge traditional dairy manufacturing processes and use bold, black packaging on a yogurt-based product. Check back here to learn about my latest attempts to do things a bit differently and maybe it’ll spark an idea for you to do the same.
  • We’re on a mission – I’m a believer that a big part of having a successful business is actively supporting community. I’m proud at ProYo that we give back both by supporting awesome causes and and also through our product. In fact, nothing brings me more joy than hearing stories about someone with a health challenge who discovered ProYo was a food they could not just eat, but enjoy. Whether you’re at a Fortune 500 company, or are starting your own small business, I’m excited to share how we give back in the hopes that it’ll inspire you to do the same.

Have a question about any of these areas? Shoot me a note through our contact form and I’ll do my best to get back to you right here on the blog!