Swell Ice Cream, the Perfect Pregnancy Treat


We couldn’t be more excited that our friend and lifestyle blogger, Chandice Probst of This Vivacious Life, has announced she’s pregnant with her 4th child. She’s having a baby boy who her other children think should be named Willy, Stuart or Bob (no, seriously).

On her blog, Chandice shared her experience being pregnant for the 4th time around – both the good and the bad – and we’re pumped that ProYo made the good list as a healthier treat to enjoy while eating for two.

Here’s a few reasons why ProYo is such a fantastic options for moms-to-be:

  • Nutrient dense. Come the 3rd trimester, many a mom finds herself hungry as can be but not able to eat much since the baby is pushing on her tummy. It becomes more important than ever to choose foods that deliver superior nutrition in a small serving size. ProYo to the rescue with 10g protein per 4oz serving, along with only 2g of fat and 120 calories.
  • Clean ingredients. Pregnant moms want to fuel their bodies with foods they feel good feeding baby, too. ProYo is made with only Non-GMO, clean ingredients and is completely clear of stabilizers, gums and other artificial ingredients that can sometimes make other better-for-you ice creams taste funny or upset the tummy.
  • Delightful flavors. When a mamma has a craving, it better be satisfied. With seven winning flavors including Coconut, Mint Chip and Dark Chocolate Toffee, ProYo will deliver on the need for a flavorful and fulfilling treat. Check out all our flavors HERE.
  • Certified low glycemic and gluten-free. For those mammas who are on a stricter diet due to gestational diabetes or who need to eat gluten-free, ProYo is an awesome choice as the Ice Creams are certified low-glycemic and gluten-free.
  • Nationally available. We’re popping up in stores coast-to-coast and are now also available for purchase online through Healthy Goodness. Check our store Finder to locate a retailer near you carrying ProYo.