Spice Up Your Winter Workouts


Annually, nearly 60% of Americans make resolutions, but less than 10% of people are successful at achieving their goals. When we learned that only 58% of us are able to stick to our resolutions after only the first month, we felt a responsibility to share some of our favorite new workouts to keep you feeling inspired to attain your fitness and weightloss goals. Mixing it up will keep you feeling motivated and excited to work up a sweat, while also achieving awesome results and having fun! Admittedly, we’d lose inspiration if all we did was trot on a treadmill! Looking for even more motivation, challenge a friend to become your workout buddy; it’s a lot harder to press snooze when your friend is counting on you to show up.

What are some of your favorite new workouts this year?

Orange Theory

This heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy, not only in class, but for 36 hours after! With a personal-training vibe in a group setting, it’s tough, but the combination of interval training you get using the treadmill, rower, free weights, TRX straps and more makes the time fly by so you don’t even notice. Curious how you’re doing during class? Watch what heart rate zone you’re reaching, and how you compare to other class participants, on the live-tracked leaderboards. Bonus offer?


SoulCycle is indoor cycling re-invented. In 45-minute sessions, you’ll start transforming not only the way you look, but the way you feel. Set in epic spaces lit by candles, inspirational instructors will take you through choreography that combines climbs, jogs, sprints, weights and dancing in and out of the saddle. The fat-burning is monumental, and the rocking music and motivating words from the instructors will clear your head and empower you to do your best outside of the studio, too.

Barre, Barre, Barre

Proving you don’t need much more than your body to get dancer-like long and lean muscles, barre classes combine ballet-inspired exercises with small hand weights and bands. When you first start the intricate, small moves, you may be skeptical of the results, but only a few minutes later you’ll start to feel those famous “good shaking” aches that’ll transform you in no time. Some of our favorite studios include Barre Method, Pure Barre and Physique57.

What’s SUP

Based in SoCal, Paddle Into Fitness offers both stand-up paddleboarder yoga classes, as well as new American Council on Exercise-approved SUP Fitness classes that combine a dynamic warm-up on the beach with a variety of cardio drills and bodyweight training on the board. You’ll get added muscle fitness and cardio boosts from the instability of the board, helping you see major gains in coordination, endurance and strength.


If you can’t make up your mind, or want to build your workout routine with a mixture of yoga, spinning, barre, CrossFit and more, ClassPass may be the option for you. Purchase a pass and you’ll get access to more than 8,000 of the best fitness studios across the U.S. Find a new workout every day, even when you’re on a business trip or vacation. There’s no excuse to miss a sweat sesh when you’re on the Pass.