Good Morning America Features ‘Healthier’ Ice Creams


Our team was delighted to see Good Morning America aired a segment yesterday on ‘Healthier’ ice creams, and that ProYo was included as an option delivering higher levels of protein per serving! More than 20 percent of consumers are now purchasing these, guilt-free ice creams, so it was no surprise that GMA found it important to ask the question, “Are healthy ice creams really, healthy?”

While we appreciated the focus on those options that offer lower calories and sugar than traditional ice creams, we believe a ‘healthier’ ice cream shouldn’t be just about cutting calories or sugar, but rather getting balanced nutrition from clean ingredients. What sets our Ice Creams apart is that they deliver 10g of protein (35g per 14oz container) in every 120-calorie serving, along with only 2g of fat. What’s more, we’re able to deliver that balanced nutrition using only Non-GMO ingredients, including rBGH- and rBST-free milk; you won’t ever find us cutting corners with artificial colors or flavors, binders, gums or preservatives to make our Ice Creams. 

Even more special, our patented process for making our Ice Creams delivers a superior taste and creamy texture that stacks up to traditional ice creams. You won’t ever feel like you’re sacrificing having ProYo. The combination of nutrition, clean ingredients, taste and texture makes ProYo perfect to enjoy anytime of day either on its own or in a healthy, protein-packed recipe like this Very Berry Bowl.

I invite you to taste and experience the difference with a scoop on me.  You can find the store nearest you by visiting our Store Finder.