New Hope says Swell Food rebrand is illuminating


According to the editorial team at New Hope product packaging is everything.

“Not only must it encase carefully crafted foods to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life, but it must also communicate exactly what’s inside to inspire consumers to buy it.”

Recently, New Hope unveiled updated packaging from four brands that perfectly found this balance, and we were stoked to be among THIS LIST for having new and noteworthy packaging.

We’re so proud to showcase our new Swell, The Next Wave of Ice Cream, packaging and Swell Foods brand that not only resonate with the frequent shopper of the ice cream category, but also will allow us to move into new categories in the future.

According to the story, “The clean, oceanic blue background is designed to pop on the shelf, and will better resonate with both female and male buyers, as well as those looking for a better option for their family.”

The ingredients and category-leading levels of protein in the ice creams have not changed, meaning all shoppers will still be delighted by our balance of real ice cream taste, texture and best for you bite nutrition.

Visit our STORE LOCATOR to find our newly rebranded Swell Ice Cream near you and to see our chic new packaging for yourself.