Refrigerated & Frozen Foods: Swell Ice Cream Gets Better-for-You Audience


Refrigerated & Frozen Foods recently shared the exciting news of our rebrand to Swell, The Next Wave of Ice Cream, helping us better capture to better-for-you consumers frequenting the ice cream aisle.

The feature from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods touted what makes our packaging special, including:

“Swell Ice Cream’s new packaging features a clean, premium oceanic blue package with key points of differentiation like high protein, lower sugar and 120 calories per serving noted on front of pack. To meet demands for indulgent flavors with inclusions, each variety is communicated with a photographed, single delectable scoop and color-blocked, front-of-pack flavor names and lids.

“The ingredients and formulations of the ice creams will not change. Swell Ice Cream is low fat (2.5 grams or less per half-cup serving), delivers 10 grams of protein per 120-calorie serving and is soy free, certified gluten-free, certified OU-D Kosher and low glycemic.”

The article also shared the news of the launch of two new, indulgent flavors – Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter and Cookies ‘n Cream.

The new Swell Ice Cream packaging is hitting shelves now across the U.S. Pick your favorite flavors and then visit our STORE LOCATOR to find our newly rebranded Swell Ice Cream near you and to see our new brand for yourself.