Today Show – How Supermarkets Are Changing


Al Roker -

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal article from last week, ProYo found itself the topic of a hot conversation on the Today Show around “Man-fluence” and how the supermarket is changing.  Al Roker and his team of “Man-fluencers” discussed some of the leading packaging in today’s marketplace and how it is impacting the decisions of men and their families.

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According to a Today show poll, male shoppers are on the rise and men are responsible for 29% of grocery shopping and meal preparation in today’s home. Andrew Davis, a consultant and packaging expert with The Today Show, showed off a bunch of new products that were designed with a little bit more of a male influence.


Manfluence 2

Mr. Davis cited ProYo for its bold packaging and color scheme that differentiates it from the shelf and impacts the consumer.   “This is a totally different genre.  If you’re walking down that yogurt aisle and all of sudden you’ve got these black powerful brands that punch out at you.”



WSJ Article Citing

Al even noted that like most males, he gets in and gets out when shopping.   “I do my shopping right after church. The kids are still in Sunday School.  I run out and hit Whole Foods!  Boom!  Back to pick them up.”