Alotta Colada, ProYo Style!

Hands on time5 min
Total time5 min
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Stay refreshed over Labor Day weekend with this delicious frozen number we call, ‘Alotta Colada!’  Easy to make and perfect for sipping in the afternoon sun. Don’t labor over what to serve your weekend guests this holiday. Take a moment for yourself, hydrate, fuel up and enjoy.
Here is the recipe:


1 tube of ProYo – Banana Vanilla

½ cup of milk* (*almond, coconut, whole milk…your choice!)
½ cup of cut pineapples (Bonus: some stores already have them pre-cut for you!)
1 banana
2 ounces of chocolate chips
¼ cup of ice
  • Add all ingredients to blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Find Hammock
  • Kick back and relax!