Coconut Kickstarter Strawberry Smoothie

Hands on time5 min
Total time7 min
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Smoothie lovers unite!!! We’re always trying to get our day started the right way.  Sometimes we workout in the morning, other times we’re jamming into the office early for some fun ProYo adventures.   Today, was more of the later. So to kickstart our day we decided to make our favorite  Coconut Kickstarter Strawberry smoothies. Its a delicious way to “Kickstart” the day… here is the recipe.


– 1 Premium Vanilla Bean ProYo
– 1/2 Cup of Fresh Strawberries
– 2 oz  Cup Of Coconut Milk
– 2 oz Of Coconut Water
– Handful Of Ice

ProYo ProTip #1 – To get your frozen ProYo out of the tube and easily into the blender, just hold the tube under  cold tap water for 10 seconds.  Then remove the top and squeeze it out into the blender with ease.
ProYo ProTip #2 –  Your ProYo Frozen Yogurt Tube is a 4oz tube and can be use to measure your liquid.  So once you’ve tossed your ProYo into the blender, just pour your liquid into the tube to measure it.  If you need 2 ounces just fill it 1/2 way.  🙂