High Protein Chocolate Pudding Pie by Cook with 5 Kids

Hands on time20 min
Total time2 hrs
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Looking for a dessert that packs an awesome sweetness and also a protein-punch? Look no further than this High Protein Chocolate Pudding Pie from Sara LaFountain of Cook with 5 Kids. We’re always amazed when we learn about a new, creative way to use ProYo for a recipe, and this pie filling left us smiling ear-to-ear. It’s not only a fun twist on a favorite, but it’s also a recipe you can make with your kids. As a mom of FIVE, yes FIVE kids, Sara knows a thing or two about getting food on the table by having the whole family participate.

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Here is the recipe:


– 4 tubes (16oz) of Dutch Chocolate ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurt

– 1 package of instant chocolate pudding

– 1 frozen pie crust

– Whipped cream



– Allow the frozen pie crust to defrost for 10 minutes
– Prick a few holes with a fork all around so the crust does not puff up
– Bake the crust according to the package instructions and let cool fully
– Allow the tubes of ProYo to defrost for a few minutes while the crust is cooking and cooling; you can microwave for a few seconds if they do not feel soft to the touch as you want them to be easy to stir
– Put all ProYo into a small bowl
– Stir in the instant pudding
– Pour into the cooled crust
– Put the pie in the refrigerator and let chill for at least an hour
– Serve cold with a bit of whipped cream on top