Tropical Smoothie by The Frugalista Mom

Hands on time5 min
Total time5 min
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One of the biggest moments of pride for our team is seeing a child with special dietary needs enjoy ProYo, knowing it’s something they’ll enjoy and also deliver important nutrients to their growing body. We recently teamed up with Rozelyn of  The Frugalista Mom in New Jersey, who has multiple children with allergies, to create an recipe that would be safe and delicious for her kids to enjoy. While this Tropical Smoothie does contain dairy, it’s naturally free from soy, gluten and nuts. So, sip up and enjoy some beach-inspired awesomeness in the middle of winter.

Rozelyn is currently hosting a series of giveaways this month inspired by the various reasons she’s thankful, including finding a new yogurt option her family can enjoy. Check out Rozelyn on Twitter and Instagram to see how you can win some awesome prizes!


Here is the recipe:


–  1 4oz tube of Banana Vanilla ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurt

–  1/2 cup of fresh or canned pineapple

– 1 cup coconut milk

– 8 pcs ice cubes (add more if you want a thinner smoothie)

–  1 Tbs honey


– Place all ingredients in a blender.

– Blend until smoothie and creamy.

– Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy immediately!